Virtual fund board INED training

    • Small Cohort size to increase integration and dialogue
    • Includes ESG, value assessment and fund evaluation
    • Commences September 2022

“An excellent course and well worth doing”

Chris Goodeve-Ballard

“The calibre of my fellow candidates and the breadth of presenters was second to none”

Carol Lawson

“Really enjoyed this course from MosaicNED to prepare me as a candidate for iNED roles on fund boards. Great content, trainers and colleagues”

Nick Reid

“Very proud and privileged to have trained as a certified iNED on MosaicNED’s course”

Debra McMaster

“I recently completed an excellent and challenging certified iNED 4-day training programme arranged by MosaicNED. They sourced an exceptionally capable and diverse group of industry participants, attending as learners and educators”

Andrew Douglas

“Although the course is primarily aimed at aspiring fund iNEDs, as a serving fund board director I found it invaluable and probably would have benefitted by it 3 years ago if it had existed”

Jeremy Leadsom