Providing Asset Managers With Fund Board Ready INEDS

At MosaicNED, we understand asset management

Our team at MosaicNED brings together a deep understanding of the opportunities, commercial pressures, challenges and operational complexities within asset management. We use this knowledge to carefully source individuals across different disciplines who want to become independent non-executive directors on fund boards. We also use this knowledge in our vetting process to ensure candidates have the right level of skills across relevant disciplines for fund boards, whilst bringing commercial acumen.

We do all the ground work for you in sourcing and training independent non executive directors

We carefully source independent non executive directors. We believe in partnerships, which means all our initial interactions with potential candidates are face-to-face. Our focus is to understand the level of skill and experience, along with the right cultural traits, so we know they can work in strong partnership with other fund board directors and be valued-added to fund boards. We then put candidates through a four day training programme so they are fund board ready.

We actively seek diversity across our talent pool of independent non executive directors

We believe in the power of diversity because different perspectives make a strong impact on decision making and ultimately success in an environment that is growing more challenging. We actively source candidates from diverse backgrounds.

The right experience counts

Candidates are carefully vetted by MosaicNED to build a diversified talent pool of different ages, educational backgrounds and experience. We focus on getting to know our candidates, their aspirations, their background, their technical skills and their soft skills.


We source candidates from different professional backgrounds in financial services that have worked in areas such as distribution, product, compliance, finance and marketing. We also support academic research that gender diversity on boards is critical to sustaining consistent performance.

Fund board ready – today and tomorrow

Learning and development is a continuous journey. We are committed to working with our candidates to prepare them for their fund board journey ahead. This includes an extensive on-boarding training programme, along with continuous development.

Equipping Independent Non-Executive Directors for today and tomorrow

We don’t just source Independent Non-Executive Directors. We develop them so they are fund board ready.


We work with Financial Services Training Partners (FSTP), a premier training partner of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI), to deliver a structured training programme to fully equip Independent Non-Executive Directors (iNEDS) for a role on fund boards. The four-day programme is carefully structured to develop strong skills, knowledge and understanding across technical and regulatory matters to satisfy the needs of asset management businesses and fund boards. The programme is delivered by professional trainers and combines FSTP’s strong regulatory knowledge, and the implications for senior managers, along with technical input from MosaicNEDs product governance expertise.

Learn more about our INED training programme

We have created a four day training programme to equip iNEDS with the skills they need. The programme is split over one month. Some examples of what the training programme addresses are outlined below.

Regulatory expectations of iNEDs under the Senior Managers Regime, communications with board directors and board reporting

Understanding marketing, distribution and product governance, including elements of the product development process, post Mifid II rules, qualifying target customers and different distribution channels

Key legislation, such as COLL, SYSC, COBS, TCF and Mifid II. Oversight requirements for fund management companies including fund governance, oversight of third parties. Financial oversight and use of KPI’s

The training programme will incorporate two case studies that puts the role of individuals as the decision maker

Learning that never stops and aligned with compliance values

In Partnership with FSTP, we will provide regular training every year. This includes regular compliance-related training programmes that are aligned to the online training provided by employees of asset management companies. This includes training such as ‘inducements’, ‘money laundering, ‘GDPR’ and regulatory updates.