Training INEDS to be fund board ready

Fund board training for independent non executive directors

We have developed a unique and comprehensive training programme designed specifically for iNEDs on fund boards. The content is tailored towards asset management and in building knowledge that is required so successfully transition into a fund board appointment. The training programme recognises the different roles that iNEDS will play on fund boards versus corporate boards.

The training is structured over four days, split into two tranches of two consecutive days. This gives cohorts the opportunity to digest what they have learnt during their first session before completing the final two days.

To make the programme as interactive and valuable as possible, it will be limited to ten cohorts at a time.

Equipping Independent Non-Executive Directors for today and tomorrow

  • Understand the regulatory expectations
  • Recognise the Legal responsibilities
  • Learn about key legislation that will be important to Fund Boards
  • Develop an understanding of good governance
  • Understand the product development process, including target markets and clients
  • Importance of risk management
  • Board reporting and fund reporting
  • Recognise the value that iNEDS can bring to Fund Boards
  • Access ongoing learning from MosaicNED

Four day multi-dimensional training programme to equip independent non executive directors

Regulatory expectations of iNEDs under the Senior Managers Regime, communications with board directors and board reporting

Understanding marketing, distribution and product governance, including elements of the product development process, post Mifid II rules, qualifying target customers and different distribution channels

Key legislation, such as COLL, SYSC, COBS, TCF and Mifid II. Oversight requirements for fund management companies including fund governance, oversight of third parties. Financial oversight and use of KPI’s

The training programme will incorporate two case studies that puts the role of individuals as the decision maker