Helping you become a fund board ready INED

Preparing and connecting you to independent non executive director opportunities on fund boards

We start with you. Our focus is to prepare you and link you up to the right Independent Non-Executive Director opportunities across fund boards in the asset management industry. We believe in a back-to-basics approach of developing strong partnerships, which means we’ll spend time with you upfront to fully understand your areas of expertise and interests, outlining the unique needs of fund boards and determine if there is a close fit with your preferences. We’ll work on connecting you to the right opportunities that carefully fit your experience and skills. Fund boards have different requirements on the skill-sets for Independent Non-Executive Directors (iNEDs) they want to appoint, depending on how they are structured and resourced.

We are your independent non executive director training partner

We have partnered with an established training specialist, that brings extensive experience in training board members and NEDs within financial services, to develop and deliver a training programme that is tailored towards iNEDs on fund boards. This four-day course is uniquely structured to include case studies that puts you in the role of the decision maker to help accelerate your learning and understanding so you are ready for your fund board appointment. Once you are appointed onto a fund board, our interaction with you does not stop there. You will have ongoing access to structured training delivered online to keep you abreast of compliance-related and regulatory developments that are important to asset managers and fund boards.

Our depth and breadth of knowledge within asset management is there to help you

Our experience is drawn from different disciplines across the asset management industry in senior positions that cover distribution, investments, product, marketing and compliance. We have a deep, hands-on understanding of the complexities, challenges and opportunities within a corporate environment today that are driven by factors such as regulation, shifting distribution dynamics, increasing product complexity and the move to digital. This means we can provide strong insight and counsel to help you prosper as you take on fund board responsibilities.

Diversity matters

We are passionate about training and diversity and the benefits the latter can bring to decision making. We believe different perspectives make a strong impact on decision making and lead to greater success in an environment that is growing more challenging. We also recognise that you may want to be part of this dynamic and fast moving industry and you may have specific skill-sets that can be advantageous to fund boards.

You might be already performing Non-Executive Director responsibilities within financial services and are looking to leverage your skill as an Independent Non Executive Director

You might be working in financial services and want to develop your skills by taking on the responsibility of an Independent Non-Executive Director role

You might be working outside of the financial services industry in senior-level roles and have a specific skill set in areas such as finance, legal, marketing or operations and are interested in leveraging your skills on fund boards as an Independent Non-Executive Director

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Equipping you for today and tomorrow

We will support you every step of the way so you can have complete confidence of being fund board ready.


Our programme is carefully structured to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding across technical and regulatory matters to satisfy the needs of asset management businesses and fund boards. To make the technical subject matter engaging and encourage a high level of interaction, we have introduced case studies into the programme. This case method puts you in the role of a decision maker and accelerates your learning and understanding.

What you will learn

Our training programme equips you for a role as an iNED. The programme is split over one month.  Some examples of what the training programme addresses are outlined below.

Regulatory expectations of iNEDs under the Senior Managers Regime, communications with board directors and board reporting

Understanding marketing, distribution and product governance, including elements of the product development process, post Mifid II rules, qualifying target customers and different distribution channels

Key legislation, such as COLL, SYSC, COBS, TCF and Mifid II. Oversight requirements for fund management companies including fund governance, oversight of third parties. Financial oversight and use of KPI’s

The training programme will incorporate two case studies that puts the role of individuals as the decision maker

Learning that never stops to keep you up to date

We will provide you with regular training every year to hone your skills and keep you updated on latest compliance, regulatory and product developments.