MosaicNED – Sourcing, Training And Placing INEDS

MosaicNED sources, trains and places INEDS on UK fund boards. We use our deep knowledge in asset management to guide candidates and connect them with the right fund board opportunities. A commitment to diversity, alongside delivering a uniquely designed fund board training programme, helps us build a strong talent pool of iNEDs.

MosaicNED sources, trains and places INEDS on UK fund boards. We are passionate about asset management and financial services, recognising the important role that they play in securing a financial future for society. We are equally passionate about the role that diversity plays in decision making and want to see people with the right skills from different backgrounds contribute to this dynamic and important industry.

We identify and deliver Fund Board ready iNEDS

We carefully select and train prospective iNEDS from different professional backgrounds in fields such as distribution, product, compliance, finance, legal and marketing

We prepare individuals for board roles

We have developed a bespoke training programme to equip individuals who want to become Independent Non Executive Directors on fund boards

We actively pursue and promote diversity

We understand the potential that comes from diversified teams. We place specific emphasis in sourcing a talent pool of diverse candidates with the relevant experience